MASSIELL is more than just a skincare brand. I arrived here just as you, naked and bare. These remedies that I craft, I craft because I see the strong need for purifying ourselves from all the congestion of a world that continues to ironically, strip us of our uniqueness and our bare beauty. MASSIELL is a lifestyle brand that does not have an agenda suited just for ‘one’.

A strong passion for helping others and bringing beauty to the world guided me in pursuing a dream of owning and operating a holistic skincare company. After earning my certification from Yorkville School of Make Up and Esthetics, I followed the currents and landed in sunny Miami, Florida. I knew that travel would guide me in the discovery of techniques and methods to build a strong sense of my craft. While in Miami, I developed an interest for total holistic healing. Through that path of healing, I found Ayurveda, an ancient practice which at the time had not gain the momentum which it carries today. It was through this practice that I began to think of ways in which I could develop custom formulas using natural ingredients to help people with their unique skincare complexities.

Although, Massiell is the culmination of the many years I spent abroad exploring and discovering a craft, it wasn’t until I was called back home that I truly understood what my purpose in life really was. At the news that my father needed a new liver in order to fight the battle against cancer, I didn’t hesitate to become his donor. It wasn’t just the love that I had for him that prompted me to undergo surgery, but also my inherent nature to help those in need. Even though my father did not survive the fight, he lives on in the legacy he has bestowed upon me. My brand was created during a time where I needed to feel like I still had purpose and with all the love that I carried for him, I began to pour my heart out into the first batch of Massiell essential remedies.

My intuition has always been a strong guide, and I owe my acute sense of it to my father. I understand that we live in a moment in time where we are split down the middle, and are all trying to find that balance between the physical and the spiritual. The difficulties which I have overcome have made me the strong woman that I am today, and I know I’m not alone in this battle. Massiell is a symbol of perseverance as we brave the world against the constant obstacles that derail us from time to time. The love that I possess, the passion for nurturing and caring for others, and the strong will to move forward are all the elements of ME that I pour into the remedies and treatments that I make for YOU. I want you to know that you are not alone, you have the glow already inside, I am simply the vessel, and MASSIELL products are simply the tools needed to aide you in finding your inner and outer balance.


Follow Massiell as she shares her journey across the globe to seek out the highest quality natural ingredients & holistic skincare remedies from countries all over the world.